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According to Which?, the UK banking industry should shoulder the additional £1,000 cost of consumers […]

Remember that back in 2011, you needed to call your bank to know about your […]


Clydesdale Bank set aside a further £450m last week for payment protection insurance refunds. The […]


Half of the UK’s consumer population had been mis-sold PPI by almost every bank. Lloyds, […]


About 9,404 Barclays and Barclaycard consumers have yet to receive their annual statements . According […]

UK’s consumer groups are fervently against the FCA-imposed PPI claims deadline. From the 90s, banks […]

For a total of five decades, UK’s banks have paid back about £25 billion to […]


Should banks have any regrets up to this point in refunding PPI claims, that would […]

The payment protection insurance deadline had enraged consumer groups including Which? and They have […]

Which? calls out the Financial Conduct Authority over its abrupt two-year deadline by 2018. The […]

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