Debenhams, a retail chain since the late 1970s, once extended membership cards to their consumers. However, retail representatives for GE Capital failed to inform them about a payment protection insurance included in the credit cards.

Analysts believe consumers missed the opt-out box during their form fill-out because the employees rushed the fill-out for consumers. Some even filled out the form for consumers; an issue that has been resolved with today’s new regulations.

Consumer groups confirmed the mis-selling of PPI with the card to tens of thousands of previous consumers claiming refunds for their repayments to an unknown product not identified in their monthly receipts.

Analysts believe it could be the next-level PPI scandal alongside packaged bank accounts.

PBAs were sold with a great number of perks to help promote the products to prospective customers. Many customers who are still paying for the perks said they were useless especially because they were unqualified with the products to begin with.

Debenhams’ PPI can be refunded with the complete number of monthly repayments and an accompanying interest rate to adjust its value to present-day inflation.