We understand that you wouldn’t want to incur additional charges through using claims management that we may offer. We respect our customers’ preferences to lessen their monetary troubles when claiming their refunds. We would often recap how easy it really is to make a payment protection insurance claim to make it fair for customers. Here’s another way to claim, but this is the most straightforward approach to making your insurance claim.

But if you do find some difficulty or lack the time to file for a claim, remember always that we are here to help you.

Figure Out How You Were Mis-Sold

How were you possibly mis-sold PPI? If you’re self-employed, unemployed or retired and you were offered PPI and you bought it, you automatically have a mis-sold PPI.

If the bank employee did not thoroughly explain the insurance’s terms and conditions to you, then you are automatically mis-sold PPI.

There are plenty of situations that register quickly as a mis-sold PPI but as long as information is withheld against you, you are mis-sold PPI as far as you know.

Contact Your Lender

Ask your lender about your loan and present evidence that you were mis-sold PPI. Ask for a refund.

Make sure to gather your paperwork effectively. Your lender will send you forms to fill up to get your refund.

If you need it, the Financial Ombudsman Service has a questionnaire that could help you elaborate on your circumstances.


If your bank rejects your claim and you believe you are correct, you could have the Financial Ombudsman deal with it for you. Your bank would handle all administrative costs on your behalf and you would just need to pay for postage to assert the correctness of your claim.